Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

5 star ratingTeens had a great time! The kids really enjoyed the cornhole games, escape rooms and the other activities that they offer. Customer service was good as well. I'm sure they will want to go back soon!

momof2_7-4 Avatar

Something different and fun to do for a date night! Staff were friendly and gave good advice on how to stick it. Food was good. So fun!

Crystal Van Alstine Avatar
Crystal Van Alstine

We wanted to have a team building event for our 14U girls fastpitch softball team while we were in Melbourne for a tournament. We even invited our sister team to join us. Terry and the Team were extraordinarily flexible and helped us put together a great event (with limited notice). Our girls AND parents had an absolute BLAST! Our coaches participated as well and it helped loosen everyone up for bracket play. This story has a happy ending because we also won our division! It was a safe, fun AND air conditioned option for our athletes. Would highly recommend The Backyard for other Teams.

Connie Pugh Blakely Avatar
Connie Pugh Blakely

great food from Aaron their newest chef

Terry Locke Avatar
Terry Locke

We decided to throw axes on the spur of the moment. Had a great time. I (eventually) was able to stick the axe 6 times in a row, which is probably a world record and makes me an honorary Viking.

Kenneth Pederson Avatar
Kenneth Pederson

Great time and lots of fun
Highly recommend this place staff is super nice , will definitely come back

Aurelie Boyer Avatar
Aurelie Boyer

First time axe-throwing! It was way more fun than I expected it to be, and the staff was super helpful in getting me started.

Nicole Price Avatar
Nicole Price

We went for a work party ???? and had a lot of fun

Patti A Desautell-Rowland Avatar
Patti A Desautell-Rowland

Went for a corporate event and had a lot of fun.

Chris Rumin Avatar
Chris Rumin

the chicken quesadillas were filling!!!!

Angela Lancaster Avatar
Angela Lancaster

My dad and I decided to try the axe throwing and it was SO much fun! The instructors were great and very encouraging. The atmosphere is positive and the overall experience was fantastic. The facility is clean and the staff is friendly. I would highly recommend trying this!

Cynthia Lentz Avatar
Cynthia Lentz

My husband and I visited on a Saturday night to throw axes, and we are so glad we did! What a fun thing to do on date night. The staff were all super helpful, fun, and accommodating. We will be back!

Lorraine Hulland Avatar
Lorraine Hulland

I called The Backyard VERY last minute for a large group event. They made it happen! From great food, DJ, the entire event...completed with a SOLID, AMAZING AND KIND STAFF! Our group loved our event. Thank you for an amazing night. If your looking to do escape rooms, axe throwing, corn hole and more...check it out!

Randi Stokes Avatar
Randi Stokes

I absolutely loved this place! I didn't even know this existed until my team was brought over for a team-building day. We all had a blast! We did some free play of pool, darts, bocce ball, and cornhole. Then we were fed and split up into teams in which they had us do several team-building activities. Lots of smiles and laughs. Plan on bringing the family here to try out the axe throwing (wasn't open at the time).

Katherine Uzel Avatar
Katherine Uzel

Great family night of fun! We already booked a trip back!!

dawn reprogel Avatar
dawn reprogel

Who knew axe throwing could be so fun!? We had a group of 14 for axe throwing and everybody had a great time. Can't wait to go back!

Carrie Howell Avatar
Carrie Howell

it was terrific! a lot of fun, great to socialize with your coworkers.

Elise Gruber Avatar
Elise Gruber

4 star ratingFriendly, fun and a first time new! This area has the specifics of offering a thrill of axe throwing to an intimate small audience. As we were first timers and the first to arrive, we were greeted kindly and with all the assistance and guidance needed. This axe throwing arena has other sports and activities to serve in the building such as escape rooms, rock walls, pool tables, and a ninja arena. Each division has their own prices and areas to play and use. We came for the axe throwing and for $30 a person an hour we had our own lane- which meant we did not have to share our space with other parties. With our timing and the pace of others we were able to go between a regular range and played with a zombie board too.Prices are to standards of what is the norm in areas, for one hour though I was hoping for a little more razzle- dazzle? An hour spent can be great with the right company; I would want the music a little louder something unique to the game for those that come to truly experience.The Backyard is almost there , but I can't quite put my finger on what it's missing to get the 5 just get.FUN- yes- clean - absolutely- new - truly 🙂

Andrea H. Avatar
Andrea H.

We showed up to celebrate a birthday and had an amazing time with a very friendly staff, nice size facility with great food and beverage options. Our axe throwing coach was wonderful!

Marcela Vargas Avatar
Marcela Vargas

First time attending and Brian did a great job teaching our group how to do the axe throw. The staff cheered for us making everyone feel a little more comfortable to throw an axe. Would recommend them!

Yeremis Perea Avatar
Yeremis Perea

Had a blast at the Ax Throwing course with my husband. Super addicting and fun and Harrison was a great teacher!

Mary Haney Avatar
Mary Haney

So much fun. Staff is really nice and really interact with everyone. We will be back

Heather Hausler Avatar
Heather Hausler

This place was awesome for axe throwing (thats all we did). We live out of state and were here visiting friends and threw. We would totally go back and throw next time we are in town again. Super fun, clean, and very nice staff.

Jarrod Steffan Avatar
Jarrod Steffan

Fantastic place for a group outing/event, tons of room. Staff are awesome, friendly and helpful.
Pool, darts, bocce ball, axe throwing, corn hole. Good food and drinks what else do you need.

mitch lane Avatar
mitch lane

Lots of fun! The staff helped all of us go from nervous to expert in just an hour!

Dani Eberhardt Avatar
Dani Eberhardt

Great fun, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend this venue for any professional or casual events!

Jeffrey Guyan Avatar
Jeffrey Guyan

everything was awesome! great staff and atmosphere. super time for our employee day.

Dave Matthews Avatar
Dave Matthews

5 star ratingThe best place to go for team building. A top-notch place for fun. Brought some out of town friends here on a Friday night for some Axe Throwing. Thank you all for a great time. We will be back.

KJsPanda Avatar

We love attending this place for the bocce ball, axe throwing, and climbing next door.

Richard Grover Avatar
Richard Grover

Huge variety of games and activities under one roof! perfect for a rainy day or when it is too hot to play outside. Love the concept!

Mandi Liz Avatar
Mandi Liz