Photo-Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball, or Italian Lawn Bowling, is a game that dates far back into history. Some Egyptian cave drawings, allude to a game being played that resembles Bocce Ball.  This is a game that has been played by the Greeks and Romans.  Through the Roman Empire – the game was brought to other parts of the world including Britain, France, Spain, etc.The object of bocce ball is to roll your balls (or team’s balls) as close as possible to the pallino (white) ball.

Bocce Ball includes the use of 9 balls.  1 small white pallino and 8 larger colored balls. It can be played on any level surface or yard or can be played on a bocce ball court.  Bocce ball can be played with 2-8 players.

Two Players = 4 Balls per player

Four Players = 2 Balls per player

Eight Players = 1 Ball per player

Your game will consist of several frames, with teams aiming to receive 12-21 points depending on what you determine beforehand.

Each frame begins with a team throwing the pallino ball.  Teams will alternate throwing the pallino ball each round.  The pallino must be thrown past the center line.   Once the pallino has been thrown, the opposing team will throw their first bocce ball.  The next team will throw their bocce ball.  From there you will take turns throwing the bocce balls based on which team is not closest to the pallino. Your ball does not count for scoring if it hits the back wall on your throw.

Players may attempt to get their ball closest to the pallino, hit the pallino and get it closer to their ball, hit the other teams ball and move it away from the pallino.


In each frame, only one team will score.  One point is given for each bocce ball that is close to the pallino for that team.  If Team “A” has 1 ball close to the pallino and Team “B” has the next closest ball to the Pallino – Team “A” will receive 1 point for that frame.  If Team “A” has 3 balls close to the pallino and team “B” has the 4th closest ball to the pallino team “A” will receive 3 points.

After the frame is scored, the teams will resume play on the next frame.  The team that scored points in the previous frame will throw the pallino ball for the next frame. The game continues until the set amount of points has been reached by one of the teams.